Vilnius City Municipality, Innovation and Technology Group is working to produce digital innovations aimed at smart development of Lithuania‘s capital. There are quite a few great examples of that, and freshly launched portal „OPEN INNOVATION - OPEN ALGORITHM - OPEN DATA“ is the most recent of them. What‘s the idea? This portal not only provides easy access to all open data related to Vilnius, but as well shares all the information about the city‘s projects, or projects developed by the third parties, implemented using open data. Thus, it helps IT specialists to develop new digital solutions, as they can find lots of open data and as well – already developed systems codes and digital tools, all to be used free of charge. And Vilnius‘ population is provided with high-quality data and statistics that help to take information-based, smart decisions regarding various aspects of their lives. And this solution is offered to be implemented to other municipalities of Lithuania, free of charge and with the help of highly skilled Vilnius Innovation and Technology Group team. Thus, this innovation, based on culture of oppeness, collaboration and sharing, directly adds to a more sustainable urban development, and could be replicated in other cities and countries, too.